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International relations

People from Europe and Africa
German volunteer working with Asian children

The Department for International Work within the German National YMCA Association offers many varied programs. One of them is educational work.

This serves the deepening of responsibility for the world among young Christians and the enabling of their answering to the needs of the world on the basis of the Christian faith. Doing this, the educational work in the YMCA Department for International Relations has to keep an eye on the necessitiy of changes in its own country.

These are the individual aims in the educational work:

  • The Good News of Jesus Christ shall be told in all corners of the world to let permanent hope happen
  • A deeper understanding of the causes of poverty and wealth shall be awaken
  • In the face of the poverty in the world, pity and sharing shall be encouraged
  • Through meetings and encounters prejudices shall decrease and the will to learn from each other shall be awakened
  • Personal involvement in the Third World and here shall be encouraged in different forms, i.e. donations, prayer, practical work
  • We want to promote more justice in our own society and be more sensitive towards poverty right here