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Music in the YMCA

brass music

In the lives of many people in the YMCA, music plays an important role. There are many different styles of music within the German YMCA.


TEN SING is short for "teenagers sing" and is a Christian concept for youth work within the YMCA. Teenagers are on stage, perform their own show, sing, dance, play theatre and make music. They express creativity, phantasy and life in their own particular way.

In local TEN SING groups, teenagers discover their creativity and their (possibly hidden) talents. TEN SING offers young people the opportunity to express their everyday experiences with their own cultural means and forms, in music, dance, theatre etc.

Within the course of a year, each TEN SING group develops their "TEN SING concert". This show is the result of a joint process, in which not perfection and artistic quality are crucial factors but creative development of the not-yet-accomplished.

Active and creative thinking about social realities and the Christian faith opens new contexts. The preaching in TEN SING wants to invite to the faith in Jesus Christ. The thinking about values and goals in life occurs in group processes.

TEN SING is therefore no youth work for, but with and by young people.

Brass Bands

Around 26000 brass instrument players are joined in around 1200 brass bands. Through their music they want to proclaim the gospel and contribute to the praise of God. Highlights of the brass bands' work are the regular big "Days of Brass Bands" in Dortmund, Essen or Ulm.

Youth Choirs and Bands

A large number of youth choirs and bands proves that the Christian pop music flourishes at the moment. Many new spiritual songs, that were created over the last years, inspire the singing in the groups and meetings of young people and young adults.