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Logo of the campaign "Signs of Hope" (in German: "Aktion Hoffnungszeichen")
School children in Nigeria
School children in Nigeria

"Signs of Hope"

"Signs of Hope" is committed to provide better living conditions for young people, children and their families in developing countries.

By working in partnership with local YMCAs, we ensure that we work with local communities on long-term, sustainable projects. Key areas for our support are projects to ensure school enrolment for basic education, vocational skills training and the care and development for specially challenged children.

In many countries, natural disasters, conflicts and post war crisis have a devastating impact on childrens' lives. Together with our partners we help to build new homes, to provide nutrition and basic facilities, to counsel victims and to work towards peaceful conflict resolution in families and communities.

In consideration of the different cultures, "Signs of Hope" offers help for self help to promote an equal partnership between the developed and the developing world. Empowering people also means spiritual development.

We work according to the good news of the gospel that keeps in mind Jesus Christ as the one who cared for the poor, disadvantaged and marginalised.