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The YMCA in Germany

German YMCA participants

The National Association of German YMCAs

The National Association of the YMCA in Germany (German: CVJM-Gesamtverband in Deutschland) is the umbrella organisation of the Christian youth work carried out in Germany under the names of "CVJM" (YMCA), "ejw" (Evangelical Youth Movement) and "CJD" (Christian Youth Village Movement). "YMCA" stands for "Young Men's Christian Association".

The YMCA in Germany looks back at a history of more than 150 years. The National Association is the union of 13 independent member associations, 11 of which are regional YMCA movements, the other two – the Urban YMCAs (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der CVJM) and the CJD (Christian Youth Village Movement) – operate nationwide.

The main role of the National Association (or YMCA Germany) is to promote and foster the cooperation between its 13 member movements, to coordinate activities and to represent and lobby for the interests of the YMCA and the youth in Germany in general before the federal government and state institutions, the churches and the public at large on national level.

The National Association provides a working platform for its member movements through committees and task groups, conferences, consultations and national meetings or events for YMCA leaders, and through publications. Additionally, it has operational roles:

(1) It is responsible for the training of professionals in the German YMCA, which is carried out at the "CVJM-Kolleg" (YMCA Training Institute for Professionals in Christian Youth Work) and the "CVJM-Hochschule" (YMCA University) in Kassel

(2) it handles the international cooperation with other YMCAs around the world and relates to the World Alliance and the Area Alliances.

The head office of the National Association of the YMCA in Germany has a staff of approx. 40 persons and is located in Kassel, in the geographical centre of Germany.

The German YMCA is member of the European YMCA and the World Alliance of YMCAs.

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