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Structure of the German YMCA

Headquarter of the German YMCA
Headquarter of the German YMCA
member movements of the German YMCA
The member movements of the German YMCA and the locations of their headquarters

There are two bodies that control the work of the German YMCA resp. the German National Association of YMCAs:

  1. the Steering Committee
  2. the General Assembly

Once a year, there is a so-called "policy weekend", during which the individual and varied programs are being cross-linked to promote networking among the members.

Additionally, there is an annual conference of the Steering Committee of the National Association, together with the Steering Committees of the 13 member movements.

Individual committees and task groups that deal with particular programs, work all year round.

The National Association itself comprises the following departments:

  • Secretary General
  • Management / Administration
  • Children and Youth Work
  • Youth Politics
  • Media and Public Relations
  • Sports
  • Music
  • International Work
  • Voluntary Services
  • CVJM-Kolleg (YMCA Training Institute for Professionals in Christian Youth Work)
  • CVJM-Hochschule (International University of Applied Sciences for Christian Education, Social Work, Social and Social Welfare Management)